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Togu Audio Line BassLine-101 v1.65 | MacOSX
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Togu Audio Line BassLine-101 v1.65 | MacOSX
02-20-2017, 09:45 AM
Togu Audio Line BassLine-101 v1.65 | MacOSX
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Togu Audio Line BassLine-101 v1.65 | MacOSX | 16 Mb

TAL-BassLine-101 is a monophonic bass synthesizer with a classic analogue sound. The GUI is intuitive and easy to use. It produces the raw sound you know from analogue devices without any effects. BassLine has a very smooth and authentic analogue sounding 24dB zero feedback delay resonance low pass filter. Especially designed and calibrated for extreme settings. It sounds even smooth with a lot resonance and a high oscillator pitch. Details as envelope transitions between overlapping notes are carefully modeled. The oscillators do not use any samples.

BassLine generates all wave-forms in real time.
- Self resonating zero feedback delay filter (24dB LP).
- Calibrated and tuned after our hardware device.
- Midi learn / automation for all controls.
- Alias free oscillators for an authentic sound also @ 44'100Hz sampling rate.
- Arpeggiator with different sync modes (host, midi clock, not on).
- Original (RC) and linear portamento mode.
- Built in arpeggiator with some additional modes.
- Powerful step sequencer with up to 96 steps and recording option.
- 6 voice poly mode.
- Sequencer MIDI export with drag and drop.
- Sequencer / arpeggiator MIDI out for VSTi version.
- De-Clicker mode for slower envelopes
- More than 300 presets.
- All sample rates supported.

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