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Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation 11.1 TR2 Win32/64 + Jack 8.2 X64
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Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation 11.1 TR2 Win32/64 + Jack 8.2 X64
rai10 Çevrimdışı
08-04-2014, 08:33 PM
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Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation 11.1 TR2 Win32 / 64
Release Date: 2014
Version: 11.1 Build TR2
Developer: Siemens PLM Inc.
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Language: Multilingual (Russian present)
Medicine: Present (Team-SolidSQUAD)
Size: 1.01Gb

Siemens Tecnomatix Jack 8.2 x64
Release Date: 2014
Version: 8.2
Developer: Siemens PLM Inc.
Bit depth: 64bit
Language: English
Medicine: Present (Team-SolidSQUAD)
Size: 185Mb

Description: Tecnomatix - set of digital manufacturing solutions. Tecnomatix uses Teamcenter PLM-system as a unified platform for technological design at all stages of the development process to its simulation and documentation. Tecnomatix is marketed as a solution for bridging the gap between design and manufacturing of automation products, managing the design of technological processes and their implementation on the basis of associative data model. The main problem to be solved by software functionality - ensuring manufacturability, increased productivity and shortening production preparation.
Tecnomatix product line provides a solution to various industrial problems, including:
simulation and optimization of systems and business processes (Plant Simulation);
production of parts (Tecnomatix Part Manufacturing);
planning and verification of assembly (Tecnomatix Assembly Planning & Validation) - Products Process Simulate, Process Designer;
Robotic simulation of technical processes and offline-programming of industrial robots (Tecnomatix Robotics & Automation Planning) - product RobCAD;
design and optimization of enterprise (Tecnomatix Plant Design & Optimization) - products FactoryCAD / FactoryFlow;
quality management and geometric accuracy (Tecnomatix Quality Management);
process control (Tecnomatix Manufacturing Process Management);
compliance with the requirements of ergonomics (Tecnomatix Human Performance).
Tecnomatix provides specialized solutions for the automotive, aerospace and defense industry, mechanical engineering, high-tech and electronics. Users of the system are Tecnomatix of Volkswagen, Audi, Hella KGaA Hueck & Co (supplier of automotive components), Wistron, Procter & Gamble, Skoda, Renault, BMW and many others.
Extras. Information: The distribution product for simulation and optimization of systems and business processes (Plant Simulation)

System requirements:
Recommended PC Configuration
Operating system: Windows 7 64-bit
Hardware: We do not support Intel Itanium microprocessors.
Intel CoreTM i5-4430 processor or comparable product
600 MB of free disk space
For working with Plant Simulation 3D: graphics card with at least 1 GB RAM and OpenGL
support. We recommend graphics cards with NVidia GeForce chips, eg NVidia GeForce
GTX 660 or a comparable product. Graphics cards which have been optimized especially for
CAD applications are not required. In most use cases, the speed of the processor is more
important for the performance of the 3D viewer than the performance of the graphics card.
For 3D Navigation, we support the SpaceNavigatorTM by 3Dconnexion.
Graphics resolution of 1680 x 1050 pixels or higher
Recommended PC Configuration for Large Models or Object Libraries
Requirements as listed under Recommended PC Configuration with the following changes:
Windows 7 64-bit
Intel CoreTM i5-4430 processor or comparable product

Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

Description: Tecnomatix Jack - a set of solutions designed to simulate digital dummies and conformity assessment requirements of ergonomics product design, manufacturing processes and maintenance operations. Technology digital manikin - the basis of the application Tecnomatix Human Performance.
Appendix Tecnomatix Human Performance helps improve the ergonomics of product design, manufacturing processes and maintenance operations. In its basis - biomechanically accurate digital mannequins that can be placed in a virtual environment and analyze their behavior. Using digital technology to recreate the dummy situation and check visibility, accessibility zones items convenience of their location, to estimate the probability of injury, to identify the factors that cause fatigue, as well as receive other important information about ergonomike production process and the product.
With the help of special tools for the simulation of human movement and the analysis of their ergonomics digital mannequin determines when it is exposed to the risk of injury on the basis of the analysis of posture, muscular effort, lifted the weight, duration and frequency of performance. In addition, digital mannequin calculates the optimal duration of work by the user on the basis of the valuation of labor MTM-1.
Digital mannequin allows to take into account the maintenance requirements in the design of the product and calculate the most efficient repair processes. Toolkit virtual reality motion captures technicians to service a product, and can serve as a medium for their learning.
The new digital mannequin man Jack (Jack) having a deformable skin («soft skin»), provides a more realistic visualization, analysis of ergonomics and safety. In addition, the scenario generator human TSB (Task Simulation Builder) allows us to construct a scenario, choosing a method of performing tasks - including the place where they should stand Jack or Jill to take part, a way to capture it, finding the shortest path for the transfer, and so on. D. functional simulator allows one to determine the time of the script, and then evaluate alternatives, simply by changing the placement of the elements - the simulator will adjust the script under the changed circumstances.

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