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AutoMapa Win Europe v6.15 1404 Final Multilingual
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AutoMapa Win Europe v6.15 1404 Final Multilingual
05-22-2014, 05:36 PM
AutoMapa Win Europe v6.15 1404 Final Multilingual

[center][Resim: 0bdca818c9d2e2320b33aa44101c1a2a.jpg]

AutoMapa Win Europe v6.15 1404 Final Multilingual | 3.37 GB[/center]

AutoMapa 6.15 - a program for GPS navigation. There are 3D and night mode . There are audio language : RU, LT, EN, DE, FR. Option truck . Can calculate the square footage . AutoMapa very comfortable and functional navigation software that helps you find the quickest or shortest path to the desired object, while negatives of turns , reversals, one-way traffic in major cities and many other nuances .


Selectable colour palette for the program and map.
User interface with simplified usage logics, hideable semitransparent screen buttons in versions with navigation panels at the top or left of the screen.
Option to match the menu layout to user's preferences (basic and advanced layout)
Over a thousand configurable parameters to adjust display, navigation and other functions for advanced users.
Up to 12 any program functions launched with clicking the map or from the context menu can be put in the user's menu.
Sound off visualisation highlighted in red.
Adjustable text font size on the map.
Adjustable scale at which local roads are hidden on the map.
Selectable language for the menu and messages without program reinstallation.
Restorable default settings.
Selectable keyboard layout: ABC, QWERTY, AZERTY or PHONE.
Large icons to facilitate finger operation in the pop-up menu.
Context menu.
Selectable screen orientation (portrait and landscape mode).
Battery charge status display.
Profiles are meant for saving a set of settings and for easy switching between the saved profiles (e.g. settings for a company truck and a private passenger car).
Menu animations facilitating menu system navigation. A clicked option will "drop down" from the selected button, and when closed, it will scroll up.
Possibility to select the indications on the screen bottom panel (NPI) with the information about the street and the vicinity.
Three setting options for the bar with the location description.
Window with the AutoMapa Traffic system on/off and operation status, and its operation history.
Automatic day/night mode switching based on the time and the season of the year.
Automatic day/night mode switching based on the light sensor built in the HTC and Samsung Omnia devices.
Additional pilot panel with the Panorama skin (useful on devices with a large, high-resolution screen).
Possibility to rotate the screen right/left with a hardware button of a function in the User's menu.
In the settings (interface -> view), an option of map appearance, unified with the new appearance of Linki görebilmek için giriş yapmanız ya da üye olmanız gerekir. maps (currently in preparation).
Possibility to change the size of the navigation pilot panels.
Possibility to change the size of the map elements.
Press and hold the 2D/3D button to adjust building height in 3D mode.
The interface is available in the following languages: Polish, English, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Slovakian, Finnish, Portuguese version LatAm, Spanish version LatAm, Russian.


Automatic receiver detection.
Automatic GPS restart when problems with GPS signal reception are detected.
Device time synchronization with GPS satellites' time.
Position reading delay correction in voice messages, optionally in position display.
GPS position reading more than once per second supported.
Signal reception status display.
Option to replace the GPS indicator graphics with a bitmap from the Images subdirectory: 2D = car2D.bmp; 3D = car3D.bmp.
Overview of data received from the satellites (NMEA).
Option to record and retrieve driving track.
Option to display multiple GPS tracks simultaneously.
Option to save the planned route file as a GPS track.
Option to convert the GPS track to KMZ format and transfer it to Google Earth.
Option to display GPS coordinates in the following formats: [dd][mm][];
[dd][mm][mmmm]; [dd][dddddddd].
Automatic reminder that A-GPS data are no longer valid and should be updated for the GPS receiver to work properly.
Possibility to automatically save the GPS track file after each drive.
Option to set unlimited track autosave.
GPS mini status, including in the GPS signal searching message.
Option for setting the time zone for the GPS location.
Automatic adjustment of the GPS readings frequency to the receiver, GPS readings support optimization.

POIs (Points of Interest)

POI synchronization with the Miplo service directly built into AutoMapa.
Several million POI, out of which over 500,000 on the map of Poland alone, including: ATMs, pharmacies, clubs, gas stations, malls, shops, currency exchange points, banks and fitness clubs.
Practical information concerning broken road surface, speed bumps, car parks and Internet hot spots.
Option to search for POI along the mapped route.
Option to search for POI at a given distance from the selected place or locality.
Chainage information (distance marker posts), important e.g. for CB Radio users.
Option to search for information taking into account chainage data.
Option to create own POI categories and make them available to other users.
Option to disable empty POI categories (option "Including points" in Menu -> POI -> Display).
Hundreds of thousands additional POI available in the AutoMapa service for users -
POI category hierarchical tree synchronized with
Option to directly call telephone numbers in the POI description.
Graphical progress indication in POI searching.
Displaying photos associated with selected POI.
Warning about selected POI categories.
Option of warning about POI located solely next to the route.
Displaying name when deleting a POI or a favourite point.
Favourite point edition dialogue window with the option to delete points selected on the list, just like in POI edition.

Route selection

Option to select the route type: fast, optimal, short, easy, safe, off-road, walking, cross-country.
Dialogue window with the route type change option displayed when the route is too long for the type currently selected.
Option to consider the vehicle speed profile when mapping routes. You can select your own speed limit for individual road categories (e.g. slower on dirt roads) or a general limit regardless of the road category (e.g. for a truck). If the speed set in the profile is lower on a given road than in the map data or AM'Traffic, the program will use the speed in the profile.
Option to set the START and DESTINATION points on one road section, so that it is possible to return the route to the start point.
Option to set any number of intermediate points (VIA points).
Question whether to delete VIA points from the previous route unaccounted for prior to mapping a route to a new destination.
Graphical progress indication of mapping the route.
Option to switch route points using copy/paste commands.
Option to select the destination from the PocketPC address book (list of contacts).
Option to select whether a VIA point is to run directly through the selected place, or
it is enough to drive through the VIA point vicinity (so-called Intelligent VIA).
Option to map routes taking into account data for trucks
(and other larger vehicles, such as a car towing a caravan).
Option to select the planned travel start time, thanks to which mapping
routes accounts for AutoMapa Traffic system data (expected speed in various
places, depending on the time of the day, day of the week, holidays and season of the year).
AutoMapa Traffic takes into account traffic congestions when mapping a route, using
traffic density information.
Option to map a route using the nearest VIA points (so-called travelling salesperson).
Possibility to bypass toll road sections, motorways and ferries.
Additional information screens for the mapped route: route points, statistics, list of manoeuvres, route parameters (option to print the route or save it to a file).
Dialogue window "Unwanted sections" in MENU->Route->Information with a list of sections that the route should have avoided (e.g. ferry, toll road, motorway) but had to use them anyway.
Option to map routes excluding dirt roads, at the expense of extending the route by a selected No. of kilometres.
Mapping a route considering the avoidance of U-turns, at the expense of extending the route by a selected No. of kilometres.
Mapping a route considering the "no turn/no U-turn" signs.
Mapping a route with visualization and considering the road traffic direction.
Possibility to reverse the route points.
Option to map a route alternative to the original one.
Selectable program behaviour after mapping the route: Do nothing, Route view, Summary, First manoeuvre.
Option to load the route or GPS track by clicking the file directly (AutoMapa will activate and display the selected file on the screen).
Show/hide route function can be associated with any key or "Your menu".
When mapping routes, the condition of border non-crossing recognizes the Schengen group country borders and treats them accordingly.
"Delete route" function.
Asking for confirmation when deleting the route.
Option of sorting newly inserted VIA points automatically.
Displaying information about the time zone in which the Start and Destination points are located.
Option to automatically sort route points after adding more VIA points.
The Typical Routes function, launched by the blue arrow button, suggests typical routes the user selects on a given time of the day or in the map nearby area.


Voice navigation.
Navigator panel with graphical and text information and with fully user-selectable elements.
Option to display information about two subsequent manoeuvres simultaneously on the navigator panel.
Speed display on the navigator panel and the onboard computer panel.
The navigator panel can display the distance to the destination, time to destination, ETA, current time or current chainage.
After clicking the ETA (estimated time of arrival) on the navigator panel, the whole route will be displayed.
Onboard computer function.
Option to PAUSE the onboard computer calculations.
Option to RESET individual tabs of the onboard computer.
The onboard computer differentiates between maximum speed, average speed, average speed including stops.
The onboard computer displays total distance travelled and distance from the last stop.
Differentiation between the stop time, travel time since last top and travel time.
Travelled route percentage and "progress bar" on the onboard computer.
Information about the route length and planned travel time.
Route progress bar taking into account VIA points.
Option to enable and disable the route progress bar in the Settings.
Voice and visual operation of VIA points on the navigator panel (including ETA).
Automatic map view switching during travel.
Selectable map display preferences (map with the north always up or rotation according to driving direction).
New route automatically mapped after leaving the planned route.
Warning on exceeding the speed limit.
3D manoeuvre arrow with steep map inclination.
Address points displayed only at low speeds and in the vicinity of START, VIA and DESTINATION points. It reduces the amount of map elements, which are irrelevant for driving, and improves the smoothness with which the map view changes.
Sound volume level adjustable to the speed.
Option to map a detour manually during travel.
Information about factual speed limits in Poland for national roads, as well as in multiple Polish and European cities.
Information about maximum vehicle speeds on routes of different types.
Option to enable message warning about leaving the route.
Route section travelled so far in a different colour.
Option to save/load the mapped route.
Option to block/unblock a route section.
Option to set the start/end date for blocked/unblocked section of a road on the map.
Sections on the map which are unblocked by the user are highlighted in a different colour.
Saving/reading files with blocked sections.
Possibility to play the route demo.
Option to start the route demo without setting route points - the default demo route is displayed.
Option to disable informing about turns without crossroads.
Automatically created "Car" favourite point, which remembers the last GPS position upon the shut-down of the external power supply or program exit (helping you find a car at a parking lot, etc.).
AM'Center program for syncing SmartRoutes data - the road events on devices without the Internet access.
Option to use road events (road works, obstructions, etc.) to facilitate navigation on devices without the Internet access, by merging data of such events directly with map data.
Lane Guidance for Poland and Europe.
Built-up area indicated by an icon displayed above the speed limit icon.
Possibility to block a segment before the manoeuvre by selecting from the manoeuvres list in MENU -> Route -> Information.
Possibility to block multiple roads simultaneously by selecting a rectangular map area when zoomed in.
Horizontal street labels "floating" over the map in the 3D view navigation driving mode.
A new position in the menu: "signal slight turns". With this option, the user can decide to skip some "slightly right/left" messages.
Visualisation of information about the change of the length and time of a calculated route, which results from new data about the road situation from LiveDrive! system being available and affecting the route.
Option to change speed limits based on AM'Traffic events.
Automatic closing of the dialogue window informing about "no entry" roads.
Consideration of speed bumps in AM'Traffic.
Option to present the altitude information in the pilot.
Traffic lights visualisation.
Possibility to download LiveDrive! data manually for the vicinity of a navigation point.
Voice messages which take into account difficult manoeuvring when in a traffic jam.
Option to disregard "B1" signs and physical blockages for emergency vehicles.
Restored correct road direction indication after unblocking.
Voice navigation with the voices of: K. Holowczyc (Polish), Marzena (Polish), Kinga (Polish), Mikolaj (Polish), Erica (English), Mike (English), Kamila (German), Alexander (German), Miron (Slovak), Zuzana (Slovak), Zdenek (Czech), Radka (Czech), Rasa (Lithuanian), Rytis (Lithuanian), Elisabeth (French), Sebastien (French), Redbad (Dutch), Tamara (Dutch), Geotmar (Spanish LatAm), Andre (Portuguese LatAm), Sergey (Russian).


Map 3D view and view of building blocks for multiple Polish and European cities.
Seamless operation of the whole map of Europe, without map reloading.
Keeping the screen button which hides the screen buttons and the slider pressed for a longer time switches between map moving and zooming.
To avoid unwanted zooming in when moving the map, the Zoom slider only reacts to finger or stylus movements that touch the slider holder.
Display of water reservoir names.
Displaying road events and traffic obstructions, downloaded from AutoMapa Traffic, on the map.
Visualisation of throughput (average speeds) for roads in AutoMapa Traffic in 2D view.
Toll sections for trucks (viaTOLL system).
The mode of making section and area measurements on the map.


Exact point addresses in Poland and several other countries, range addresses for other European countries.
Address searching integrated screen.
Function of greying out keyboard buttons depending on the characters already entered and further characters possible to enter.
The list of cities and streets is automatically searched, and the suggestions are automatically displayed after entering the first character, and with additional delay to facilitate quick entering several characters, especially on slower devices.
The screen keyboard is automatically hidden if the search result list fits the screen.
Searching addresses by post codes.
Added grouping (by cities and streets) of search results by post codes.
Address book support.
History of selected: addresses, favourite points, POI, etc.
Option to delete lists of recently used addresses, favourite points and places.
Support for Greek and Cyrillic alphabets in screen keyboards and searching.
Possibility of POI and POI categories quick searching by name, also without the need to select the categories.
Initial POI search screen allows to select if the search is to be performed relative to the current location, in a selected place or in the vicinity of the route/destination.
Possibility to search for POI in the vicinity of addresses and junctions.


Possibility to install AutoMapa on a clean memory card without having to use ActiveSync connection (important for PND models that do not support this function).
Possibility to reduce the program size by selecting any fragment/area of the map during installation.
Possibility to register the map from the PND level (if Internet-enabled).
Possibility to create Favourite Points with the alternative of their free description.
Option to save and read files taking into account Favourite Points.
Possibility to set the points for the "Home" and "Work" location.
Option to display GPS coordinates for a point shown on the map from the context menu on the map.
"Info" option in the context menu, which leads to additional information for tourists, built in the POI.
Long selection lists scrollable with gestures with the "inertia effect".
Graphic progress indication of loading files with POI, blockades.
Option to manage (hide/activate) screen buttons.
Option to cooperate with phones.
Support for hardware keys.
Option to disable sounds in the main menu.
Option to assign over 100 functions to the device hardware keys.
Option to minimize the application window in the main menu.
Automatic screen backlight management taking into account the time of the day.
Automatic program shutdown when the battery is low (user permission required).
The "Accident" function with the options of sending an emergency SMS to the ICE number, quick "Where am I" determination and selection of "Go for help", along with the "Driver's must-have" set of information, developed in cooperation with Gazeta Wyborcza.
Map generation date, which facilitates the selection of a map when loading, if at least two map versions are installed.
Automatic message about the lapse of map upgrade access subscription.
Automatic message that the map version in use is too old.
Context help opened with the '?' button on most of the program screens.
Full help content (program operating instructions) available in MENU -> Help.
Program User Manual in Polish, English and German.
Option to read the licence agreement directly from the MENU -> Help and info -> About screen.
Numbering which facilitates the understanding of the functions that can be assigned to hardware and screen buttons (MENU -> Settings -> General -> Buttons).
Saving the user's acceptance to place the Home/Work point on a "no entry" road section.
Easier defining of the Home and Work points. If the points are not set, selecting the Home or Work option opens the address selection window.
Option to add description when creating a favourite point.
Option to update the program and maps from the application level.

Installation manual
1. Unpack the archive into a folder on the BB ( desktop / laptop). Installation is made ONLY from your desktop computer .
2 . Run setup.exe
3 . Program first asks you to select the appropriate language for the installation . Choose, click "next"
4 . Among the proposed "Install / Uninstall @ essno choose the first item .
5 . Agree to the license , then
6. Choose where to install the program :
- A) on the memory card ( the fastest way for PNA / PDA / PDA )
- B) directly to your mobile device ( you must be connected via ActiveSync)
- C) to PC (BB , laptop)
7. Choose a variety of Windows operating system on the target device (XP/Vista/7, WinCe4.2/5/6, WinMobile 5/6 ... )
8. Further In the box ticked uncheck the "Register " ("Register")
9. Choose additional options - additional languages ??autorun for multiple types of devices ( if your device is not included in the proposed list , do not select anything , it does not affect the functionality of the program ) , languages ??HELP / tutorial (only English, German, Polish).
Whether installation , or when you first start ( can not remember now ), the program will prompt you to select the operating mode with the map - 3 points. The first item means that will install the complete map of Europe (about 2GB), I do not remember the value of the second , and the third ( the lowest ) , you will be prompted to select any part of the map . As evidenced by the reviews on the next forum , it will be possible to select and cut out your desired virtual scissors " piece" of the overall card. This item allows you to free up space on a flash drive .

System Requirements
AutoMapa 6 does not support operating systems: PPC 2003 and WCE 4.2

A device compliant with one of the following specifications:
Windows Mobile 5/6, Windows CE. NET 5.0/6.0, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (x32_x64)

Platform / OS: Windows Mobile 5/6, Windows CE. NET 5.0/6.0, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (x32/x64)
Developer: AutoMapa
Year: 2014
Activation: Not required (Cured)
Language: Multilanguage
File format: rar
Size: 3.55 GB

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