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3D-Coat 4.0.14A
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3D-Coat 4.0.14A
05-23-2014, 05:37 PM
3D-Coat 4.0.14A

[center][Resim: ef5b41c043bb470d497e20339e395d63.jpeg]

3D-Coat 4.0.14A | 534.8 MB[/center]

Pilgway, the development studio behind 3D-Coat, popular voxel sculpting, 3d-model detailing and drawing application, announced version 4.0.14A of 3D-Coat.

With V4 we have taken massive effort to deliver a whole set of new great features into 3D-Coat, all to make it an even more powerful and versatile 3D graphics toolset capable of realizing your most daring ideas…

Updated to 4.0.14A

- Undo/Redo for Pose tool works correctly now
- Pose tool got super important addition - selection spline profile + free form deformation strictness.
- [forgot to mention in 14] Cloth relax in Retopo room to make all islands edges to be nicely corresponding to each other, important to decrease square/length trash to very minimal degree.
- LiveClay-like brushes are well compatible now with boolean operations - no explosions/legs/stretched triangles on edges, no broken edges outside of pen influence.
- export vector displacement accessible after baking as well.

About 3D-Coat

Currently Andrew Shpagin is Lead Programmer and Director of the 3D-Coat project. He gained experience of creating game development tools while working on game projects at GSC Game World studio, where he occupied the position of Lead Programmer in the strategy department. Andrew has 9 projects released. Many of them are well-known and popular not only in ex-USSR, but also in Europe, North America and Japan.
Name: 3D-Coat
Version: 4.0.14A
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Interface: multilanguage
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven / 8
Size: 534.8 MB

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